Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Red Top

A red top spins upon the pavement
Of a lonely midnight alleyway

It drills a hole into
An already broken family...
A grave where a once decent man
Now lies, to pass his final hours

A red top spins upon the pavement...
A thumb flicked it off a bottle

© LP3

R.A.P. Project - Procedure.

 Material deeded - Paperboard, Ruler, Sharpie, Scissors, Scotch Tape, X-Acto Knife, Spray Paint, and Cojones!

Step 1:

- Draw out text on paperboard using sharpie.  

 - Or if you are manually challenged like me, print out poem using your favourite Graffiti font on your word processor, cut it to fit, and tape it to paperboard.

Step 2:

- Cut out text using X-Acto knife.

** Be gentle **

** Be sure to leave connecting spaces so that your text is legible **

<------  See Example

Step 3 [Optional]:

- If using separate pieces of paperboard; use Scotch tape to attach pieces to one another.

Step 4:

- Attach stencil to desired [Topic Specific] wall.

- "Publish" Poem using desired spray paint colour.

     Happy Spraying!